Truckline and MINECORP join forces in Tasmania

A game-changer in the parts industry

Australian parts retailer and distributor Truckline, and Minecorp Tasmania, have joined forces to open CMF Solutions retail outlets in two locations in Tasmania – Spreyton and Hobart – with the aim of providing a huge range of truck and trailer parts “straight off the shelf” for Tasmanian customers.

Truckline is Australia’s largest retailer of aftermarket truck and trailer parts, supporting all makes and models of North American, European and Japanese commercial vehicles.

CMF Solutions, operating as a Truckline reseller, opened in Spreyton on 28 October 2016 and in Hobart last week, with the two outlets servicing the entire state of Tasmania.

CMF Solutions Director Michael Coleman says the company’s goal is to have as wide a range of product as possible on the shelves so customers can access what they need immediately.

“Our market research showed the biggest problem for truck and trailer customers in Tasmania is no one holds enough stock to meet their needs at short notice – which leads to down time and losses,” he says.

“Our aim is to turn that around – because unlike other outlets, Truckline keeps more than 80% of its huge inventory in stock in each branch.

“We work with our clients to identify the most common fast-moving stock – like components for brakes and suspension, airbags, axels and so on – so that when a customer calls asking for a part, most times we can literally reach out and put a hand on it.

“We also work with clients to stock parts tailored to fit their fleets and customer bases, to provide fast efficient supply of parts, reducing down time and improving productivity.

“The relationship with Truckline has made this possible as we’re now part of Australia’s leading distributor of aftermarket truck and trailer parts with a catalogue of more than 30,000 competitively priced parts.

“We knew from being customers of Truckline – and from our excellent relationship with Truckline’s Territory Business Manager (VIC/TAS) Casey Stewart– that this was a customer-focused outfit,” says Michael.

With the Hobart store recently opened, Michael says the business performance in Spreyton – and customer requests for a southern base – are strong indicators of market need across the state.

“Customer feedback in Spreyton has been very good, with customers saying they’re delighted with the product range and availability,” he says. “Many customers have their own outlets down south, and started asking when we were going to open in Hobart – it was our logical next step.

“It also allows us to duplicate our stock holding, so parts can be quickly moved between the two locations if required rather than coming from interstate, across that stretch of water which holds things up!”

Truckline’s Territory Business Manager (VIC/TAS) Casey Stewart, says the venture is based on a long standing, committed relationship, with Minecorp Tasmania initially a client of Truckline, before forming CMF Solutions to become a reseller.

“The strength of CMF Solutions is that it grew out of a very strong customer relationship between Minecorp Tasmania and Truckline, which means understanding and serving the needs of the customer is at the very foundation of the business,” says Casey.

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