Top 10 Safety Checks

December is one of the busiest times of the year. Many commuters travelling to see family, and increased rush of shopping and road freight
delivers pushed to arrive before the holidays.

With this increased demand and traffic on the road, unfortunately this time of year is also a peak season for road accidents. So if you are on the road, or planning a trip away, take a bit of extra time to do the following safety checks of your vehicle to help you arrive at your destination safely.

Below is a reminder of the areas you should check before you are embarking on a long journey, no matter what you drive.

  1. Tyres: Inspecting the vehicles tyres could avoid them to split apart or blowout during a trip, potentially causing loss of control or collisions.
  2. Lights: to see and be seen is one key rule to follow. Ensure all lights, from cabin to headlights and taillights, are working before leaving on a trip.
  3. Mirrors: adjusting and cleaning them to ensure the driver has full visibility and reduce any blind spots.
  4. Fluid levels: checking the vehicles fluid levels to prevent systems failing (brake, coolant, wipers etc.).
  5. Brakes: ensuring all brakes – air brakes, hydraulics, disc or drum brakes, and pads are in good condition and operating and performing correctly. The ability to stop quickly and efficiently will help to avoid collisions.
  6. Windshield and windshield wipers: inspecting for cracks and repairing them prior to hitting the road is vital, as well as the need to clearly see, no matter the weather. Australia is known for its different climate across the country, so checking the windshield wipers and ensuring you have water in your wiper system is a must.
  7. Trailer coupling: If towing a trailer or caravan etc. checking that it’s connected correctly and all elements are properly placed (from clamps, nuts, lines, to locking pins, locking jaws and bolts) is necessary.
  8. Safety Equipment: Fire extinguishers, emergency triangles, first aid kit, amongst others, are the equipment a vehicle should not miss when starting a trip.
  9. Doors and locks: ensuring all doors are inspected to secure and lock them during transit.
  10. Load Restraints: If you have extra luggage or are towing other equipment ensure your load is covered and heavy items are retrained securely to avoid flying off/out of the vehicle.

Whilst this is not a comprehensive checklist, it does provide a prompter to keep safety and vehicle maintenance at top of mind. Check your state and industry associations for full details on vehicle safety legislation.

At Truckline, we highly recommend all customers to go through an extensive pre-trip checklist before hitting the road this holiday season. We provide all the products before mentioned through our physical branches or online store.

Safe travels to all Australian Drivers.

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