Helps trucks and buses avoid deadly accidents

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Many serious accidents occur at night, in fog, light rain, becausethe driver could not see the accident cause in time to prevent the collision. Professional drivers, like truck and bus drivers, experience tremendous stress when they are out on the road. They have to deal with poor and non-experienced drivers, heavy traffic and long hours behind the wheel every day.



PathfindIR™ II is a powerful thermal night vision camera allowing you to see clearly in total darkness, regardless of the vehicle you’re driving or the road you’re on.

PathfindIR™ II sees heat, not light, so you can perceive everything in front of you with greater accuracy which gives you more time to react and help you avoid accidents and stay safe.

PathfindIR™ II helps you:
– See in total darkness, needs no light whatsoever to operate.
– See pedestrians and vehicles past the glare of oncoming headlights.
– Automatically detect pedestrians and animals, with visual indication.
– See many hazards over four times farther away than with headlights (usually only letting you see about 135 m straight ahead).
– See through dust and smoke.
– Hermetically sealed system, rates to IP69 with an integrated automatic window heater. 12 VDC input power and standard NTSC or PAL video output for compatibility with most monitors
or displays.
– 320 x 240 thermal camera system with a 24˚ field of view.


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