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With offices and manufacturing facilities in Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Canada, Australia, China and Mexico, STEMCO  is a leader in the technology and manufacture of commercial vehicle wheel end (Hub Seal, Axle Spindle Nuts, Bearings, Hub Caps & Hubodometers, Unitised Pinion Seals), braking (Brake Drums, Brake Shoes and Brake Adjusters) and suspension components (Axle King Pins, Polyurethane Suspension Parts, air springs and Tie Rod Assembly) as well as innovative tire & mileage solutions. We also provide industry-best training for distributors and workshops to ensure the best outcomes can be achieved consistently. STEMCO Brands available at Truckline: STEMCO®, Voyager®, Discover®, Pro-Torq, Sentinel®, DataTrac®, DataTrac® Pro, BAT RF®, QwikKit®, STEMCO GAFF™, STEMCO Brake Products, STEMCO Motor Wheel™, STEMCO Crewson™, Defender™, QWIKTIE®

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