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ConMet is a leading global manufacturer of wheel hubs components for the commercial vehicle industry. With  patented innovations, such as PreSet Plus®, ConMet is the undisputed leader in the development of lightweight, high-performance products for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry.

Our design innovations and superior manufacturing technology have made us the first choice in the commercial vehicle industry since 1964.

The cutting-edge design technologies such as Finite Element Analysis and Solidification Modeling, provide ConMet customers with the most advanced processes available today. While the quality management systems at all ConMet facilities are either IATF 16949 or ISO 9001 certified, the company is also recognized as a high performing supplier, having earned more than thirty awards and recognitions for excellence.

PreSet Plus® hub assemblies are the most advanced wheel hubs in the industry. Following the success of PreSet® hubs, ConMet has developed PreSet Plus including standard features like a fully integrated spindle nut design, an optimized wheel spacer, magnetic fill plug,

and original ConMet seal and bearings. Completely pre-adjusted and ready to install, PreSet hubs leave no room for error.

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