NAVARONE TRANSPORT, protecting the fleet that supports his family (VIC)

Con Ikonomopoulos is the Founder and Director of Navarone Transport based in Mt Waverley, Victoria. Specialising in moving heavy and oversized loads, Con’s fleet operation has grown since the early 90’s from an 8 tonne 1982 Isuzu tray truck, into 8 Prime Movers comprising of Kenworths, Western Stars and Freightliners operating mainly in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.
Before Navarone Transport, Con worked as a panel beater but wanted his own business. To help him get ahead, his father gave him a small amount of money, and told him to see what he could do for his future. With his savings and the investment from his father, Con put a deposit on the family house and financed his first Isuzu. Working as a subcontractor for half a dozen companies, Con learned the ropes of the transport industry.” For the last 7 years as my fleet started growing I have had my trucks serviced at Hallam. I have known Casey from Truckline for over 20 years and Ian and Steve have always provided me with fantastic service and support for parts and in the workshop. Across my fleet, my trucks have clocked up an average 1.6–1.8 million kms and I have them serviced every 10,000 – 12,000 kms,” said Con. “ Since I started Navarone Transport 20 years ago, my trucks have always been on Castrol RX Super. I don’t service them with anything else. I need the reliability and assurance my trucks will perform, Castrol products give me that peace of mind”, added Con.

Building Navarone Transport on his own, Con has been working up to sixteen hours a day six days a week for the last twenty years. The driving force behind his determination to succeed is the future of his family.
Con loves a challenge and has found great satisfaction in the success of his business, and is proud of the life he provides for his wife Chrissie and his kids Joanna 14 and Manny 7. Con’s time with the family is precious and he and Chrissie work together so the kids can see Con through his extensive work commitments.
“ I run Navarone Transport from Monday to Saturday, starting early and ending late each day. Sundays are family days. Whatever the kids want to do, we’ll do. It’s this family time I value the most at the end of a long working week. Everything I do, I do for my family and my kids. This is my way of supporting them and building their future”.

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